Top 15 Venture Capital funds in the EU in 2013 (so far)

By crunching data from the database one can come up with a pretty accurate ranking of the biggest VC funds operating in Europe, on a near real-time basis!

Indeed, the website provides a pretty comprehensive listing of available job positions in VC-backed companies throughout the world, and in the EU in particular.

For the top 5 EU countries (i.e. the UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France) I have analysed 12 weeks worth of Ventureloop data, starting in January 2013. Based on this analysis, here is the Top 15 list of VC funds by job creation* in Europe in 2013 to date:

Rank VC fund Job count
1 Index Ventures 640
2 Balderton Capital 249
3 Sequoia Capital 198
4 Accel Partners 187
5 Wellington Partners 175
6 Draper Fisher Jurvetson 153
7 Bessemer Venture Partners 153
8 Summit Partners 125
9 Benchmark Capital 110
10 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 101
11 First Round Capital 78
12 North Bridge Venture Partners 67
13 Meritech Capital 56
14 Sigma West 55
15 Atlas Venture 44


*In cases where a company was backed by several VC funds I assumed an equal share of capital investment from VC backers and distributed to each VC fund an equal contribution of job creation. For instance a start-up with 3 backers with 5 jobs offering would result in a job creation of 5/3=1.66 attributed to each of the 3 VC funds


3 thoughts on “Top 15 Venture Capital funds in the EU in 2013 (so far)

  1. TechCrunch Europe, please improve the accuracy of Crunchbase – Inn0vation Matt3rs

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