About this blog

Strategy consultant by day, I am also an innovator/entrepreneur/VC investor wannabe.

Many people argue that there are already way too many young and inexperienced “management consultants” out there who wish to transfer to the Venture Capital (VC) industry for all of the wrong reasons you can think of (cocktail parties / feeling like a king-maker, etc…). Silicon Valley venture capitalist and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki wrote his perspective on the topic a while ago, and he is not very encouraging; his piece of advice: “Venture capital is something to do at the end of your career, not the beginning”.(http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/11/the_venture_cap.html)

To a large extent I agree with him and I can see where he’s coming from… but I am still determined to work in the VC industry, even if only at a junior level. Why? Innovation and entrepreneurship is what makes me tick, and I believe the VC industry plays a unique role in making world-changing business ventures happen.

Of course there are “good” VC funds and “bad” ones (some would say evil) and in this blog I want to write articles about both sides of the story: the VC deals that generate hefty returns on investment and make everyone happy, and the ones that go awfully wrong both for investors (where is my money gone??) and for founders (how could you do this to my company??). I hope these articles will help you know more about who you are dealing with!

The second thing I hope to achieve with this blog is to become an active member of the blogging/news community focusing on the tech start-up industry. I will contribute by bringing to the table my own opinion and objective analysis of key events and in return I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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